Remote ID compliant flying options at Indianapolis Westside R/C club:

  1. Fly with a Remote ID Broadcast Module
  2. Request a NOTAM 24+ hours in advance…/29/filing-a-notam-2/
    • Latitude N 40 degrees, 2 minutes, 6.5 seconds
    • Longitude W 86 degrees, 15 minutes, 30.4 seconds
    • 1/4 nautical mile radius
    • FAA Authorization letter below

Club Field Rules

Indianapolis West Side Radio Control Modelers Bylaws 2014-07-10

AMA Safety Code

FAA- Fly under the Special Rule for Model Aircraft

Unwritten Rules of R/C Flying

Highlighted Club & Field Rules:Flying hours: dawn – dusk

Follow AMA rules (see link and also posted at field)

AMA membership required (members and guest pilots)

Non AMA guests may only fly on a member’s buddy box

Flying over/near the full-scale airport runway is strictly prohibited

R/C aircraft must yield to full scale aircraft (ie: sacrifice R/C aircraft into the ground if needed)

Altitude – stay below 400’ (local Club rule due to location on airport)

Maximum 4 aircraft airborne at one time

Pilots may not stand on the runway when flying

Free Flight is prohibited

FM transmitters must remain off until frequency is cleared and claimed on board

No flying over the flight line or outside of boundaries (see map)

All new members must be flight verified as a qualified pilot by a current board member before being allow to fly solo.

Cars – no cars in the pit area / north of the shelter / picnic tables

All members shall be responsible for damages in case of accidental shooting down of another plane, including damages caused by their guest. All matters pertaining to personal or property damage will be decided by the Board of Directors.


-Pilots – Must be invited / have a member present. Host member responsible for guest’s actions. Guests must be AMA member
-Spectators – asked to observe from behind the pits (please sit near picnic tables). May be escorted to pits or flight stations by a member.
-FPV (first person view): AMA FPV rules and guidelines must be followed if flying FPV at IndyWest R/C. Click to link AMA FPV rules.
Bullet points:
1-All FPV flights require an AMA FPV pilot to have an AMA pilot spotter next to him/her maintaining VLOS (visual line of sight) with the FPV aircraft throughout its flight.
2-The AMA spotter must communicate with the FPV pilot to ensure the FPV aircraft remains within VLOS, warning the FPV pilot of approaching aircraft, and when avoidance techniques are necessary.
3-During an FPV flight, the AMA spotter must be prepared to acquire the transmitter/control from the FPV pilot and assume VLOS control of the model aircraft at any time safe operation of the flight is in question.
4-All sUAS flights must yield right-of-way to man or other unmanned aircraft.
5-All other Club & AMA rules apply (400′ ceiling, flying only in approved flight area, etc).

Rain Reminders:

Please park on the gravel until the field dries up

RUNWAY CARE REMINDER: Please do NOT walk on the runway (when possible) if the ground near the flight stations is soft. Walking on a soft runway can leave your footprints underneath the fabric and may cause damage to other planes going over the foot hole you left. If you need to walk on the runway to access a model, please walk the SHORTEST path possible on the runway even if this means walking around the runway perimeter to get to the other side. Please be courteous to your fellow modelers/club members and respect our field.

Geotextile Runway Care Guidelines:

Please repair your prop strike tears in the runway with the provided black tape
Please refrain from walking on the runway or taxiways if the ground is soft {walk shortest path possible on runway to retrieve stranded aircraft (even if you need to walk the perimeter to get to the north side), wait to patch prop strikes until next visit}
Hand launching and landing of tractor style aircraft should not occur over the geotextile runway (use grass east, west or north of runway)