Welcome to the Indianapolis Westside Modelers Club web site.

We are a model aircraft Radio Control club based in Zionsville, IN (just northwest of Indianapolis, Indiana). Our flying site is located at the Indianapolis Executive Airport (formerly Terry Airport) in Zionsville.  This website is for the use of our members and visitors who are always welcome – both here and at our flying site.

If you’re interested in Radio Control flight, or maybe think you are, do yourself a favor and contact one of us. We’d be happy to introduce you to the hobby or welcome you back – either way, you are bound to have great fun and fellowship within our organization. We all love to fly and enjoy being around those who feel the same. Come on in and check us out.

No RC flying experience? No problem !! Volunteer trainers are available to help you every step of the way.

Visitors and spectators are always welcome at our field when a member is present. 

  • Visitors & Spectators, please note: Our field is located on a secure section of Indianapolis Executive Airport. The gates are LOCKED unless a member is present.  Please see the contacts page if you would like to have someone meet you at the field.
  • Non-members are welcome to fly (up to 3 times a year) as a guest if accompanied by a current club member.  Guests must have a current AMA membership.  If you would like to fly here we ask that you contact one of our officers or members to meet you at the field and explain the few simple requirements for flying in close proximity to full scale operation.

Post Rain Reminder(or freeze/thaw):Please park on the gravel until the field dries up and please do NOT walk on the RUNWAY (when possible) if the ground near the flight stations is soft. Walking on a soft runway can leave your footprints underneath the fabric and may cause damage to other planes going over the foot hole you left. If you need to walk on the runway to access a model, please walk the SHORTEST path possible on the runway even if this means walking around the runway perimeter to get to the other side. Please be courteous to your fellow modelers/club members and respect our field.

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